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Author: Rainer Proehl

Refurbished – what does it mean?

Armstrong damper are available as refurbished at almost every Healey dealer for some bugs by sending back the old ones. What does the refurbished mean, do they just clean it and refill with fresh oil? This is what I did and I cleaned it also outside and did a powder coating. But now the fresh and clean oil rinse out of the shaft. Question: how to get out the shaft?

Part number: front Shock absorber with arm (Armstrong) 3H1707 (or 3H1124)

The first time…

The first time…

My father told me a lot about his A90 Atlantic convertible in red, which he drove in Australia in the 50s.

At some point I was looking for an A90 Atlantic, that was in 1998. At that time, the internet was still sparsely filled with information, but I found a reference to an A90 Atlantic in Australia near Perth. Since I wanted to spend the millennium in Australia, it was a good time and I planned my trip a bit differently so that I could have a look at the car. In this barn I saw an A90 Atlantic for the first time. I didn’t really notice the true condition for joy and excitement, so I bought the A90 in January 2000 and shipped it to Germany. Yes, and since then I have been dealing with the A90 Atlantic…

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